Leaflet Distribution

We regularly come across businesses concerned with the reliability of companies or individuals offering a leaflet distribution service having had experiences of large quantities found disposed of or being unable to determine if and where their leaflets have been distributed to.

You needn't worry!

We provide all of our clients with the area planned plus final reports highlighting roads that have been completed for reassurance and so that businesses can identify which areas have produced a better response rate and seeing if that coincides with the area which has had their leaflets distributed in.

The distribution we offer is shared residential leaflet distribution - this means your leaflet will be delivered with no more than 3 additional leaflets from other companies of non-competing nature, door-to-door - not to businesses and not inside a magazine.

(20% like-for-like maximum - for example, a Chinese and Indian takeaway may have a few side dishes and drinks that are the same, but 80% of the menu differs).

Our fixed price is £30.00 per 1,000 homes, no VAT to be paid.

Minimum 10,000 homes.

All of our staff work Monday-Friday only between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Upcoming Campaigns

We have several scheduled shared distribution campaigns covering Hastings,

St Leonards, Bexhill & Eastbourne.

Hastings - 10,000

Campaign duration: 5 weeks (Approximately 2,000 homes per week)

St Leonards - 10,000

Campaign duration: 5 weeks (Approximately 2,000 homes per week)

Hastings & St Leonards - 40,000

Campaign duration: 10 weeks (Approximately 4,000 homes per week)

Bexhill - 25,000

Campaign duration: 10 weeks (Approximately 2,500 homes per week)

For our full 2019 schedule, please click here.

Campaign areas and boundaries

The boring stuff...

Company (Futurisma Ltd) is providing Client with a shared leaflet distribution service. Company will ensure that reports of completed roads are issued to the Client. Company agrees that the campaign will contain a maximum of four businesses or organisations of non-competing nature (maximum 20% likeness in product/services). Staff will temporarily postpone distribution of Client's leaflets in the event of weather conditions which may be of risk to staff or result in damage to Client's leaflets – rain, ice, snow, thunderstorms, extreme cold, extreme heat and high winds. Any quantities of leaflets remaining following the agreed quantity being distributed will be returned to the client within 14 days of campaign completion. Company is responsible for paying the distribution staff. A deposit of 50% of the balance is payable in advance to confirm the Client for the distribution. The remaining balance will be payable no later than 7 days prior to distribution commencing. Late payments may result in leaflets being omitted from the distribution until cleared with no reimbursement for quantities therefore undelivered. Clients must ensure Company receives leaflets and deposits for distribution 7 days prior to the distribution start date. Price per 1,000 homes excludes print and/or design of printed material and only includes distribution of items no larger than folded A3 or 8 x A5 page booklets. Larger items may incur an additional cost.


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